Bethan Lee – “Ships” released tomorrow


Tomorrow sees the release of “Ships”,  the debut EP from Bethan Lees through FolkStock Records. The four song EP has a nice individuality that really makes you listen intently, the tracks full of character and atmosphere. You listen to the first song “Ships” and already you think this will be the highlight track, but the EP just grows and grows – “Water and Wine” is fantastic, while the quirky “Post Festival Blues” is a song you’ll just love. The EP ends with the beautiful “Sleep”.

Bethan has been working in the festival circuit all over the UK for the last two years. Involved in stage management, she has been absorbing new music and when she gets theopportunity, performing at open mics and busking in the pubs and towns of Sussex.

“I come from a musical family and I’ve always hung out with creative people. I am surrounded by musicians and have enjoyed living an alternative lifestyle making music with crazy, wonderful people. I started writing and playing my own songs with this group of friends at my local pubs jam sessions and open mics. I’ve spent a few summers travelling around festivals, jamming with bands and soaking up the vibes which has influenced and inspired my songs. I guess you could say I’m a pretty free spirit”

Bethan Lees : Facebook, Twitter

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