Munro – ‘Coming Home’ EP Review

We featured Munro for the first time a couple of weeks ago with their single ‘Sweet Sorrow’. Tomorrow sees the launch of their debut EP ‘Coming Home’ and it’s already clear that UK country music has a new force to be reckoned with.

The EP opens with ‘Sweet Sorrow’, a song I described as ‘one of those beautifully sad songs that bring out the best in country music.’ You’ll realise from the first track that this record represents a musical reunion between Jayne Murdoch and Richard Smith that simply had to happen, the pair creating a perfect chemistry. When listening to any record, the opening track is critical in drawing you in and ‘Sweet Sorrow’ certainly leaves you wanting more.

‘The Vow’ is a stripped back, heart wrenching number about a marriage that is no more, delivered with great emotion and intensity by Jayne Murdoch. Lyrics such as ‘Cause you look at her I fade into the shadows’ and ‘And I can’t breathe ‘cause that used to be me’ tell the story of the song. ’The Vow’ feels so personal at times that in some ways you feel like you are intruding. This song is real, this song is heartbreaking and this song is outstanding.

‘Let It Go’ sees a more up tempo sound and has an upbeat message despite being a break up song.  In some ways it could be considered a continuation of the previous track, maybe after a passage of time has healed. The message is a simple one – if it’s not working out and making you happy, walk away. This is a 100% foot tapper and will certainly get the crowd going when played live – I love a song with a fiddle too!

‘Bubbalee’ starts and you feel that you’ve been thrown a curveball – this is very different to the rest of the EP. If ‘Let it Go’ will get the crowd going, this song grabs hold of their hands and swings them around the dancefloor. A song about a perfect love, this track is infectious and completely smile inducing, rising and rising in intensity until it comes to a sudden and brilliant end.

The EP ends with ‘Walking with Angels’ and is a song about the fact that the realisation that life is good will sometimes only come after going through adversity. This is just a lovely song that brings the EP to an end and leaves you with a positive affirmation about life.

This EP is not simply a collection of five songs. This is an uplifting story, which breaks your heart one minute and then makes you realise that it’s the hurt in life that makes the good times so much better. However, the message would be nothing without the music and Munro has talent in spades. The duo has hit the ground running and upon the release of the EP tomorrow, the UK country scene will suddenly possess a little more magic. A great debut.

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