Interview with Brieanna James


It’s always very interesting when a new, young and talented artist comes along and Brieanna James certainly fits that criteria. Last week we featured her debut single “Hot” and this week we were lucky enough to grab a few words with the Los Angeles based singer songwriter.

Hi Brieanna! Last week we featured your brilliant new single “Hot” on Belles and Gals. How exciting is it to have your first single out there?

Crazy amazing! I’ve been working behind the scenes with my music for what feels like forever now. I’ve been anticipating the day that I would get to release that one song that perfectly captures me as an artist. I think “Hot” was just the right song for that. Releasing “Hot” and seeing all the positive reactions feels like the start of something not only great, but unstoppable.

The video looks like it must have been fantastic to shoot! Tell us all about it!

Oh my Gosh! I had an amazing time shooting the music video for “Hot!” Everything from getting my hair done, my makeup done, the outfits, working with cool new people, THE KISSING SCENE, and performing the song for the camera. It was such a blast! Shooting a music video for my own song was crazy awesome! “Hot” is such a gritty, flirty, fun, and sexy song! When I heard the finished version for the first time, I immediately knew exactly what the music video should look/feel like. I definitely think we captured that.


 You co-wrote the song with Kelsea Ballerini and Michael Krompass. That must have been some experience. Did Kelsea give you any advice about starting out on your career?

 Honestly, getting to say that I have a song I am a songwriter on with these two amazing people is such a blessing! I absorb things from Kelsea just by listening to her music and watching her perform! She really is an amazing artist and I continue to learn a lot from her by seeing all the amazing things she is doing.

So what inspired you to take up country music in the first place? Which artists have influenced you when it comes to music?

 The best way I can answer this is just by saying that it’s home. Country music is everything I know and love. I grew up around it and it’s just where I belong. However, I’ve never really defined myself as a typical hat and boots type girl, more like just the boots. I guess this is why I call my music “country pop,” because there’s no denying that I’m all sorts of southern, but I got a lil spunk in me too. As far as artist who have influenced me, well I gotta say that early Taylor Swift is a big one! Shania Twain and for the pop rock side, Avril Lavigne!

You’ve also appeared in many TV commercials. Is acting something you want to continue alongside the singing?

I guess you can say it was Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana that really inspired me to become an actress. From the moment I started, I didn’t wanna stop. To answer your question, yeah, I think so. Music will forever and always be my main focus, but I also hold a love in my heart for acting as well. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed.

What was the very last album that you played?

 I was in the car with my mom listening to all five of Taylor Swift’s main albums and let me tell you, I was having a full on jam session, hair flipping and all! By the way, I’m pretty sure I know every lyric to every Taylor Swift song there is from the Speak Now, Taylor Swift, Fearless, Red and 1989 albums.

Tell us something completely random about yourself!?

Here are a few things! When it comes to spoons, I will only eat with the little spoons. I’m a huge flirt and a hopeless romantic. I can make a really loud clicking noise with my tongue.

What plans have you got in store musically for the rest of 2016?

I am going to release another single soon and then an EP this year.  I am working on new music with some amazing songwriters and looking forward to releasing a full length album by the Spring of 2017.
I am totally excited about the future!

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