Jeannine Barry – Bittersweet

Today I feature Jeannine Barry again, today with the brilliant “Bittersweet”. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a beautiful song and one that just gets better with every listen. In some big news for Jeannine, it was announced last week that she’ll be performing at official Country 2 Country launch on Monday night, where the announcement will be made as to who will be appearing in the arena in March. Jeannine Barry will be joined by Honey Ryder and Holloway Road in what will be a brilliant night for the UK country scene – I wasn’t sure whether or not to go myself, but after seeing the line up I ordered a ticket immediately!

Jeannine Barry is nearing the end of a very successful pledge campaign to release a new EP (of which Bittersweet will be part of). As I’m writing this, the pledge is 89% of the way to completion so click the link below and get involved!

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