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On Monday night I headed up to Cambridge to see SaraBeth and Glen Mitchell appear at the Portland Arms. Upon arriving I had the nice surprise of seeing that Beth Thornton was the support act – I’d never seen Beth appear live before, but I had seen some of her music on social media and I was already impressed.

As the support act she played for about half an hour and it was just fantastic, a great mix of really engaging music, complemented by her fantastic voice – while she has a great sense of humor too, which made her set even more enjoyable. Beth is definitely an artist to put on your ‘one to watch’ list and I for one can’t wait to hear her upcoming releases. Before the show I was lucky enough to grab a few words with her, where I fired a mix of serious and fun questions at her (you are left in no doubt as to who her favorite artist is!). Check Beth in action just above the interview, with a live performance recorded at the back end of October.

Hi Beth, so tell us about what you’ve been up to!

We have just finished doing vocals for the new single  which is looking to be coming out at the beginning of December time. So that is all being mixed and mastered, so there is nothing we can do now, it’s all been sent off. I can’t wait for that. I co-wrote the lyrics with Glen Mitchell – it’s so exciting.

I’m always on social media, doing videos and all that sort of stuff. I’m going to be recording for the EP – hopefully recording in February and it will be nice to come out before the summertime. I’m also writing all the time.

You’re supporting the brilliant SaraBeth and Glen Mitchell tonight, only the 4th time you’ve played live?

My 4th solo performance ever, yes! So yeah, I’m still that weird awkward person on stage (note: she really wasn’t!!!)

Which artists have influenced you in your career?

I am a huge Bon Jovi fan and they bought a Nashville influenced album, so on the back of that I started listening to other country stuff like the Dixie Chicks. I really wanted to learn the songs, so I taught myself the guitar, so I could sing them and play them. So that is how it all started – it was all down to Bon Jovi!

If you could play the perfect gig, where would it be and who would you do a duet with?

Wembley Stadium would be awesome! It would have to be Jon Bon Jovi, I think I would die to sing with him! He did a duet with LeeAnne Rimes and that was incredible. So Wembley Stadium with Jon Bon Jovi – be great, massive!

If you could host a dinner party for three other people, who would you want there?

I’d start with my grandma, as she passed away before I started doing all this music stuff, I don’t think I even started playing guitar when she was alive, so she would be there.  Let’s whack Jon Bon Jovi in there too, as that would be an awesome time – him and Grandma like having a good chat! And probably Reba McEntire to be honest, I love her so much, I think she is awesome, she’s badass isn’t she? I don’t know what we’d all talk about, but it would be really interesting.

What was your embarrassing first record purchase?

My first ever record was D12, which was Eminem’s band, and it was “My Band” (Beth starts to sing the chorus and laughs all the way through talking about this!).  I bought it when I was 11, but I was so pleased as you had to be 12 to buy it – I thought I was awesome as they let me buy it!

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