Roni Perry – Baby Bird

I’m delighted to feature Roni Perry for the first time on Belles and Gals today. This is just a gorgeous song that really highlights both Roni’s vocals and songwriting skills, while the wonderful melody just draws you in, the song having an almost timeless feel. There are times when I think that I’ve got a good knowledge of the best artists on the UK country scene, and then suddenly a new artist appears and I think ‘wow, how did I not know about this artist??’ – Roni Perry falls right in the middle of that category.

Roni Perry started singing at the age of 3 and has been in various bands since the age of 14, but took a break to raise a family. Five years ago she picked up a guitar and started writing as she learnt and now has an extensive catalogue of songs to share with the world. Today she performs both as a solo acoustic artist and with the ‘Roni Perry Band’.

To find out more about Roni Perry hit her social links! – Website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud


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