Sarah Darling’s Dream Country is the Album You Need to Pre-Order – Laura Klonowski

Right now Country music is at all time high in the UK and taking advantage of the major spike in sales is US Country music star Sarah Darling. Relatively unknown in Britain until last year, Sarah is now on the verge of releasing one of the most highly anticipated Country albums we have had for a long time; Dream Country.
Sarah Darling first became known over here in the UK after appearing at various C2C’s and last year her British fan base grew immensely after she supported record breaking UK Country music duo Ward Thomas on a few of their Cartwheels tour dates, and now she has been welcomed into the British Country scene with open arms.
Her angelic and dreamy vocals are spine tingling and the lead single Halley’s Comet is one of the best Country songs to have been released in a long time. Darling’s vocals are mesmerising on the track which is all about reaching for your dreams.

Her new album Dream Country which will be released independently by the rising star will drop on Friday, February 10th, and is available to pre-order right now.
It is one of the most anticipated albums of 2017 and one you shouldn’t miss out on. If you love Country tones and soothing vocals then Dream Country is the LP for you.  To pre-order ‘Dream Country’, click here
Article written by Laura Klonowski
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