Interview with Liv Austen


Yesterday it was announced that Liv Austen has signed a record deal with NUA entertainment (you can read all about it here) and today I was delighted to catch up with Liv and ask her all about it!

Hi Liv, A huge congratulations on signing your record deal with NUA Entertainment. How does it feel to be a signed artist!?

Thank you! It feels incredible. Not just to be able to say “I’m signed”, what really matters is what that actually means. Firstly it means that a label I have great respect for believes in me, and it also means that my career is now at a completely different level and I will be able to do things in a different way from what I have previously. It’s very exciting to feel like I’ve moved up a level and how I go about things now will be quite different.

I saw you play live just the evening before the announcement at the Troubadour in London. You must have been bursting to tell people – how did you not blurt it out?

Oh believe me – I was tempted a few times, it was definitely on my mind that night – I did tell a few friends but I wanted to wait to announce it until it had actually happened, and from the reactions it got yesterday it was definitely worth the wait!

So how did the record deal come about?

If all else fails this deal will be a good reminder that you never know how things are going to come about, and what is waiting around the corner. I was doing an acoustic solo set at a hotel in East London, and the people at the hotel had moved my slot to earlier than planned. The only problem was; they didn’t alert the guests! So when I was playing there was practically no one there, apart from one group of people. The gig felt a bit pointless. However, I got to talking to the group, and it turned out they were Pete Gardiner, the artist playing after me, Paul Hardcastle who runs the label Pete was signed to (NUA) and his manager. I really got along with Pete and have written some songs with him that I’m really proud of. And ever since that night the label kept an eye on me and we stayed in touch. Shortly after, we started discussing a possible deal! I always remind myself of that lucky break when things don’t go exactly as planned.

As well as a recording deal, you’ll also be writing for other people too. How much do you enjoy that side of the music industry?

I LOVE writing for other people. Last year I had my two first writer’s cuts on other people’s records and it was a fantastic feeling. I have a whole bunch of songs that I feel really happy about but that I just know for some reason aren’t meant to be recorded/performed by me. To maybe get a chance to have more artists listen to my stuff and potentially record my songs is as thrilling an idea as all the dreams I have for myself as an artist and performer. To get to do both is unbelievably exciting.

So, what can we expect in the coming weeks and months now that you are a signed artist?

The album is in preproduction stages now, and I will be going in to the studio very soon to record. It is going to be hard work, but so exciting! There will be a single out hopefully this spring. You can also catch me at quite a few different shows ( around the country and there are more to be announced. I have so much new music in store for my fans, some of which will already be played at my shows if you come see me live, and I am super excited about all 2017 will bring, both expected and unexpected!

Interview Conducted by Nick Cantwell

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