Beth Thornton – C2C Interview

If you’re looking for a rising star on the UK country scene, Beth Thornton certainly fits the bill. I saw her perform live for the first time at the end of last year, and it was clear she has a special talent, so I was delighted when I saw she had made it to C2C.

I managed to catch parts of two different sets from Beth, one standing in the doorway of a rammed bar which I couldn’t get into – and from what I saw Beth and her band rocked the place. I managed to catch a word with Beth on Saturday afternoon, the second time I’ve interviewed Beth (the first time was her first ever interview, which will be a nice claim to fame when she is rich and famous!).

I started off by asking her how she felt when she found out that she’d be appearing at C2C. “I literally couldn’t believe it, Pete (her manager and owner of W21 music) phoned me up and said ‘I’ve got something to tell you. You need to start practicing because you’re playing at C2C.’ I said this is really mean if this is a joke. I was like Oh My God, so exciting. I’ve been terrified since December!”

Beth told me she’d had an amazing weekend so far and met so many people, but the only downside is that her head is too small for a cowboy hat. She said that just before her first set “she had a real panic moment and didn’t want to do it anymore, but once I got onto the stage it was so amazing – everyone was clapping along and I couldn’t believe they were actually enjoying MY song, this is so surreal. When we finished I was like, let’s do it again!”

I asked Beth which artists she looked forward to seeing. “I was so excited to see Catherine McGrath on the line up, her voice is perfect. I saw Sarah Darling and she was just pitch perfect and she took a selfie with me on her phone. I was like, Oh My God I’m on Sarah Darling’s phone, it was so cool.”

Beth Thornton is currently writing new material with her guitarist with the aim of releasing a new EP. “We just want to write great songs and perform to people – we just love it, it’s all we want to do, it’s all we ever wanted to do.”


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