C2C Interview with Raintown

One of my personal highlights from the Country 2 Country music festival this year was the fact that I saw Raintown appear live for the first time. Having featured them a number of times on the site (and interviewed the guys last year) I’ve become quite a fan, so it was fantastic to see them on the stage – I’d heard they were good live, and they lived up to and exceeded that billing.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Paul and Claire early evening on Saturday for a chat.

I started by asking them about performing at C2C.

Paul – “You know what, Nick, it’s great to be back in London. We’re so fortunate to have been involved with C2C in some way since it started. Last year it was Glasgow, which was amazing – it’s good to be back in London, as we miss seeing everybody. We had such a good time this morning (their Saturday luchtime slot at C2C) and we’re looking to forward to playing again tomorrow.”

Claire –  “It’s such a great event to basically relaunch after the birth of our daughter, so we couldn’t ask for a better time to come back”.

I then congratulated Raintown on the birth of their daughter.

Claire – “She is twenty weeks old today – she’s a great baby. We have such supportive families who are behind us 100% – we’ve always had that anyway and that makes life so much easier for us.”

Paul – “They’re truly amazing Nick, in a true sense. Not just having Alba Rose, but from the start, they are the backbone that allow you to go and do your thing, and give you that confidence and keep you sane when things don’t work out. A few people have said to us over the last few months – ‘Has Alba Rose being born hindered you?’. The truth is, it’s the opposite. We are totally focused now and every day we are driven, driven to spend time with her, and driven to expand and develop Raintown. I would honestly say in the last seven weeks there have been more things happen to Raintown than probably in the whole of last year. I imagine (two scenarios) in ten years. Alba Rose saying “Did you used to be a singer?”, or her asking “Where are we going on tour next?” and I know which one I want to hear. So it’s total focus.

I then asked Paul and Claire about their performing live.

Paul – “We actually truly love playing live. That’s our thing. Writing. Playing Live. That’s the perfect scenario for us and then getting to spend time with people who enjoy what we do. I’ve been using this term a lot today – it’s never taken for granted. Never, ever, ever. We never expect people to recognise us, so when it happens it’s so humbling and we’re grateful that people take the time. It’s amazing.

Claire – “What I love about this event as well is that people are so respectful of all the artists. People stand, they listen, they take a lot of time to go up and speak to the artists and tell them how they appreciate their music. I think country music as a genre has that. We were at an event not so long ago, it wasn’t a country event, and some people were just really rude towards the musicians on the stage, and you just don’t get that here.”

I finished by asking the duo about upcoming plans.

Claire – “Well we’re gonna be out playing live in Newcastle, Inverness, Skye, Glasgow and Manchester and more dates will be added to that as well. We’re gonna be releasing new music as well. Not an album right now – we’re gonna put out some tracks, a wee bit of a taster of what Raintown has been doing. I got a lot of writing done recently when I could barely move!





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