Holloway Road at the Garage – Review by Nathalie Larsen

It wouldn’t really be a male take-over weekend at Belles and Gals if we didn’t go to a gig, now would it? So with much excitement, I was lucky enough to go along to Holloway Road’s first London headliner gig at the Garage. And they absolutely killed it.
The crowd was well warmed up by the excellent Ceri-Rose and endearing duo Two Ways Home, but when Holloway Road took to the stage and opened with Little Harder from their first EP, it was clear that the party had officially begun.
I won’t take you through each song – I’ll leave a little for you to discover when you go along to their next gig – but I’ll share my top 5 highlights:
1. The crowd singing along to “old” music – Although their EP only came out last year, Rob and Jack are back in the studio so fans are readily awaiting new music. That being said, everyone was just as excited about the songs from the last EP – there were great moments where the crowd helped out with some “ooo”s on We Said So.
2. Roots and Where We Are Tonight – Also previously released songs, I had to single them out. These songs are just of such quality. And how sexy is the lyric: “She never slipped of her boots, just took me back to my roots”? Performed excellently last night, I’ve had them on repeat all morning and I’m already looking forward to hearing them live again later this summer.
3. If she falls – The latest single released this year, the crowd roared when they started singing it. If you haven’t heard this song, you’ve got to go find it. As I told Jack last night, this song is so good that if it had been Dan + Shay singing it in the states, it would have been a sure top 10 hit.
4. New, unreleased music – There’s nothing more exciting as a country music fan than getting to listen to brand new music as one of the first and that’s exactly the treat we had at the garage last night. One song in particular, apparently written only last week, signals a welcome expansion of Holloway Roads repertoire with Rob stepping to the plate and singing lead vocals. It was a fantastic song and a fantastic surprise. As probably my personal highlight of the night, I hope it makes the cut for the next EP. I’m a big fan of duos where the lead vocals are mixed up (at least occasionally).
5. This one is a bit of a cheeky one and in advance, I apologise to those of you who couldn’t care less about football. But as a Tottenham Hotspurs fan, I initially had to get over the Arsenal connotation of Holloway Roads band name, before I could count myself a fan. To make matters worse, the bands guitar player usually – as he did last night – wears an Arsenal shirt on the stage (good thing I’m not a hooligan!) Why is this a highlight? Because he kindly promised me that if Spurs are ever to win the league he’ll wear a Spurs shirt at the next gig! Im excited (even if Spurs bottled their chances against Jack’s favourite team, West Ham, on Friday night)
Although not the largest crowd I’ve seen for a UK country gig, it was a passionate one, and it left very pleased on the back of Holloway Roads performance. They’re playing across the country with Pauper Kings in the last week of June and I’ll definitely be going again. Plus you’ll be able to recognise me there because – and here comes a bonus highlight:
6. Merchandise – Holloway Road has a great artist logo and a really good selection of merchandise. I’d been thinking about their ballcap since I saw them in February and I finally gave in and bought it last night.
Check hollowayroadmusic.com to get your hands on June tickets and merchandise – I can’t recommend it enough!
Review written by Nathalie Larsen.
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