Interview with Chelsea Bain

Chelsea Bain is country music artist on the rise. In 2015 she released her brilliant debut EP ‘The Power of a Woman’ and now she is back ‘Drinkin Alone’, an EP which is sure to see her career take another leap forward. I caught up with Chelsea last week and asked her all about the EP and her career.

Hi Chelsea! You recently released the brilliant “Drinkin Alone” EP. How exciting was it to get into the studio again and have the excitement of a new release? 

I am always excited to get into the studio and create something new! This project was particularly exciting because all of these songs are just so personal and written from a very honest and real place.

The EP starts with the stunning ‘Drinkin Alone’, the first single from the record. Tell us how the song came about? 

I am a big fan of kicking back and enjoying time with friends. Tequila tastes better when paired with fun people!

And then at the other end of the EP is ‘Trainwreck’, my personal favourite song from the record. What caused the ‘Trainwreck’?

Me. I did. Knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. Haha!

You wrote all five songs on the EP with Rachel Farley. You must have some songwriting connection with Rachel?

Yeah, I actually cut a couple of Rachel’s songs on my last EP (“Shot of Whiskey” and “Where We’re Gonna Fall”) and met her shortly after. We really hit it off and started writing together and that partnership is really where this new project began. We have become the closest of friends and that makes the writing process so much stronger when you don’t have to explain yourself to your cowriter because she just knows you and what you’re trying to say so well already.

Tell us a little about how you got started in country music? Has it always been country for you? 

When I was a kid, I actually thought the only music that existed was country music. It wasn’t until my brother introduced me to artists like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty that I discovered the whole world outside of country! That being said, it has always been country music for me as an artist.

And which artists have influenced you throughout your career?

Bob Dylan, P!nk, Shania Twain, and Tom Petty are definitely amongst my top inspirations.

A large part of your music career has seen you performing at NASCAR and NHRA events. How has that moulded your career? 

These events have taught me everything I know about performing. I have serious stage ADD, as I like to call it, and can’t sit still on stage! This energy was definitely grown from these shows.

And if you had to pick a highlight from your career, what would it be?

Opening for Tim McGraw in my hometown is a definite highlight. Tim is an amazing artist and I have listened to him my entire life! Then you add in playing for all my friends and family and it was an incredible experience.

Our website, Belles and Gals, is based in the UK. Have you ever performed in the UK or would you like to head over and sing for us?

I’ve never been and that would be a fabulous reason to head over!!! I can’t wait for the day I get to sing in the U.K.!

To finish, tell us what plans you have for the summer and the rest of 2017?

My plans are to spend as little time in a bikini as possible, enjoy a decent amount of tequila, and to spend most of my time on the road playing my songs for people! —
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