Hannah Rose Platt releases “Chanel and Cigarettes” – review by Nathalie Larsen

If you’re not already seduced by the mere title of the track, wait till Hannah’s sultry vocals kick in.

Chanel and Cigarettes is the new single from enchanting, Americana artist, Hannah Rose Platt, a Belles and Gals favourite. The song does what Hannah does best – it weaves together a haunting yet alluring tale that creeps under your skin. It may be a song about infidelity with a dose of guilt and regret, but it sure is sexy as well.

Unsurprisingly, the lyrics are at the heart of this song but the subtle musical arrangement plays perfectly to the tenderness of the story. The hook is catchier than previous songs released and I promise you will not think one listen is enough. I’ve been lucky enough to hear it performed live several times over the past year and as my favourite song of the set, I was so pleased that this song had been chosen for Hannah’s new album and even as the new single. I’ve been even more pleased that the production has made the song even better. The stand out moment for me is the very last verse, at about 3:30, where the song slows slightly and the music takes the backseat for Hannah to wrap up her story. It’s beautiful.

Chanel and Cigarettes is out today, 30th June. As you’ll want to hear it live as well, catch Hannah at the Maverick Festival this weekend or perhaps at Tingestock next month.

Download it here – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/chanel-cigarettes-single/id1254222285

Review written by Nathalie Larsen


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