Belles and Gals Presents “The Savannahs”

We at Belles and Gals are delighted that the ‘Savannahs’ will be appearing at our next live gig later this month. The three ladies are a new group who got together in advance of BBC One’s ‘Pitch Battle’ where they performed brilliantly in front of the cameras. They may not have advanced to the later stages, but the reception on social media was fantastic and it was clear that the group have got something very special going on. So who are the Savannahs? From left to right (in the image below), they are Rebecca Rosewell, Emily Moment and Hannah Rose Platt.


This will be our second consecutive event at the Sound Lounge after the brilliant songwriters night back in June, a venue that is quickly becoming one of my personal favourites. The event takes place on Thursday the 24th August and it promises to be a very special one as the three artists will each be performing their own songs during the first part of the evening, before coming back as ‘The Savannahs’ for the second part of the evening. I have a feeling this will be a night to remember.

Tickets for the event are available here:

Savannahs at the Sound Lounge



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