Interview with Scarlet Baxter

It’s always fantastic to feature new artists to us here at Belles and Gals and today we feature Scarlet Baxter for the first time. Scarlet is on the verge of releasing her new single Skydive next month, so read on to find out all about the song, her career and which artists she admires the most!

Hi Scarlet! You’ll be releasing your great new single ‘Skydive’ at the start of December. It must be an exciting time in your career?!
Hi! Yes, Skydive will be out December 8th, It’s really exciting as I feel like I have found a real connection to the new style of music I have been making.

The song is produced by Jud Mahoney who has also worked with Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton. Big boots to fill! What can you tell us about ‘Skydive?’
Jud Mahoney is an incredible producer along with his partner Natalie De Lucia who is an incredible songwriter and producer too, They have worked with lots of big names so I always feel very privileged to just be in their presence, Skydive is an uplifting song about powerful women.

Give us an insight into how you got started in the music industry. Have you always leaned towards country music?
I have always been singing, I love to sing of course so I knew it was what I would always be doing, I have always wanted to be my own person and create music that I could say was mine and shows me off as an artist. I haven’t always made country music as I do have a very strong love for soul and R&B and that is what I am trying to include into my music, Country soul maybe!

And is there an artist or a number of artists who have had a particular influence on your career so far?
So many artists have influenced me, It doesn’t take much for me to get excited about an artist, I of course grew up listening to the greats, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Shania Twain, Michael Jackson, How can you not be influenced by the greatest artists in the music industry.

If you had to pick a highlight moment in music, what would it be?
This is a tricky and interesting question! It’s got to be Michael Jackson unleashing the moonwalk, Look at how many artists have been successful by being inspired by Michael Jackson.

I’m always intrigued as to an artist’s song-writing process. Have you got a set routine?
I have to hear the music first to feel inspired, My guitarist and co writer Dominic Ireland will sit and play something on his guitar and we will just go from there.

If you could play any venue on the planet, where would you play? And who would join you for a duet?
Well, This is hard because any big music venue would be a dream come true, I love America so maybe something like The Hollywood Bowl and a dream duet would be with The Queen Beyonce.

Your hosting a fantasy dinner party for four. Which three people, from the past or present, do you invite?
Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna, Freddie Mercury

To finish, tell us your plans in the lead up to the single release and where we can find you on social media!
We are in the process of shooting a music video for Skydive which I’m really excited about, Then I want to focus on getting back out there and doing live gigs with my new sound! You can find me on twitter @scarletbaxter I’m on Facebook and Instagram too 🙂

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