Raihanna Estrada – Jump Off The Train

Sometimes you hear a song for the first time and the moment you hear the singer’s voice, you’re blown away immediately. This was the reaction the first time I heard Raihanna Estrada’s ‘Jump Off The Train’. Raihanna, from Napa County, California now calls Nashville home and interestingly from ‘Belles and Gals’ point of view, she plays with an organization called The Nashville FAM: Female Artist Movement that is creating a platform for women to play their original music in Nashville.

Take a listen for ‘Jump Off the Train’ yourself below.

Having heard the song I contacted Raihanna and asked her all about it!

‘I chose this to be my single because it’s an upbeat country tune that has a 90’s country feel to me, which is an era I love. I wrote this on guitar and wrote all the lyrics and always got a great response to playing this one out live. The inspiration for the song, I wrote it a couple years ago. I was in Sweden for a friends wedding. I have a lot of friends there because we were all roommates in Los Angeles during Music school. I was riding on the train from Stockholm to Gothenburg, it’s about a three hour ride. And this story just came to me. The melody for the chorus fell right out “I know there ain’t no going back, but honey if I could I would and that’s a fact, I’d jump off the train, to get back to you”. It made me think about those spontaneous loves and relationships that are worth turning around for and also the ones that maybe don’t work out and a little part of you is reminiscing on what once was. It was inspired by Sweden in the summer and the city. I really hope that people get a good feeling from it and that the chorus gets stuck in your head.’

If you enjoyed ‘Jump Off the Train’, you can look forward to her new single ‘Road Trippin’ coming out on November 24th, which will appear on the ‘Nashville Dreamin’ Country Vol. 1‘ compilation. UK country fans might be in for a treat next year too as Raihanna is looking to play a festival or two over here next year.

To find out more about Raihanna, hit her socials below:

Instagram/Twitter: @raihannaestrada
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