Interview with Houston

It’s always fantastic to feature new artists on Belles and Gals and Houston are certainly ones to watch. I caught up with the ladies recently, and we discussed their upcoming debut release, their careers in the music industry and their dream gig!

Hi ladies! So, Houston? How did you choose the name? And how did you get together as a trio?
We met at sixth form when we were 17! We originally just sang together for fun, but we always loved country music, so thought the name ‘Houston’ fit us well! When we first started we would put up videos online, and after a while we started gaining a bit of a following!

You’ve been in the studio recently. Have you got any news you’d like to share with us at Belles and Gals?
We’re currently working on our first EP with the amazing Rad Records who are based in Nashville. What they do is really incredible, we’re so lucky to have found them. After 5 years of singing together as a group, we’re finally finding the time to make it happen haha!

Can you give us an insight into how each of you got started in the music industry? And which artists have inspired you over the years?
Two of us (Holly and Lauren) are both trained in musical theatre, and are now in shows on tour/in the West End. And Charlotte is a teacher and choreographer for the same industry, so we’ve always worked so closely with music and singing, that the band is so easy to prioritise, because it’s like a hobby that could someday, hopefully, be our full time job!
There are so many artists we take inspiration from!! Alison Krauss, Joni Mitchell, John Mayer, The Dixie Chicks…

What is the best aspect of being in an all-female trio?
We LOVE three part harmonies. We actually have to tell ourselves to stop and let there be some solos sometimes haha. We find it so fun arranging all our stuff!
We also love that we have each other to fall back on – we all get nervous before gigs, but knowing there’s three of us always makes us feel better haha!

If Houston could play the perfect gig, where would it be and which artist/s would join you on stage?
We’re dying to play at the Bluebird Café!! We’re planning a trip to Nashville for sometime in the next year, and we’re desperate to at least go and see some other acts play there if we can’t get up and play ourselves!

To finish, tell us about your upcoming plans in 2017?
We’re finishing up in the studio and prepare for the launch of our EP! Stay tuned for the release date!! 

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