Penny Riviera – Who Do You Think You Are?

I’m delighted to introduce Penny Riviera for the first time on Belles and Gals with the fantastic ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. Penny has made her name in the ‘old school’ way, playing a series of gigs at great London venues such as The Islington, Camden Proud, The Troubadour, Mahiki and Slim Jims and quickly gained the support of the UK country music community.

I’m sure you’ll agree the song is just fantastic (little wonder that Chris Country Radio have picked up on it).

Working independently she teamed up with musicians in London and Nashville to work on her EP, the first single ‘Who do you think you are’ which is now available at all the usual online sources.  The song was written about her experiences with bullies growing up as she questions ‘Who do you think you are’ to childhood bullies but then also ‘Who do you think you are?’ to the listener.

She says she realised that when she was younger she looked to others for her sense of self-worth – those ‘others’ often being the same people who bullied others or forced conformity. As she grew older she realised that she did not need to ask permission in order to accept herself and with that realisation ‘a weight was lifted’. She hopes that the song will inspire anyone who feels not good enough, to look again and realise that there is space for all of us and we all deserved to be loved and appreciated just the way we are. A positive message indeed.

The video is particularly striking too and is a great complement to a fine song. I can’t wait to hear more from Penny.

Penny Riviera:  Twitter, Instagram


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