EP REVIEW: Jess & The Bandits’ ‘Always Christmas Eve’ – review by Laura Klonowski

UK/US country music band Jess & The Bandits have teamed up with a number of fellow Brit country acts for a very special festive EP titled ‘Always Christmas Eve’. The record features Kevin McGuire, Laura Oakes, Gary Quinn, and Luke Thomas and includes an original Christmas track which shares the same name with the EP title.

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ features the gorgeous tones of McGuire and is my personal favorite on the EP. Kevin’s country tones are something else and mixed with Jess’ soothing tones it makes for a real country cracker. I love the way they have kept the old style feel while putting a modern day country twist on it.

‘Wrapped In Red’ is a collaboration with Luke Thomas. It’s another stunning track and the piano arrangement is gorgeous. Jess’ vocals are beautiful and they really bring this cover to life. The added addition of Thomas makes this a a real gem.

‘Always Christmas Eve’ is the only original song on the EP and is performed with Gary Quinn who co-wrote the track with David Banning. The guitar heavy song is pretty awesome and it’s a real insight into the Christmas traditions of the singers. It’s always nice to have new festive music and this one is a real standout on the EP. And Quinn’s vocals add a dash of something special.

‘O Holy Night’ is one of the most famous Christmas songs of all time and Jess & The Bandits and Laura Oakes do an amazing job of putting a country twist on the mesmerising track while still keeping to old-school magic. It’s my second favourite on the EP and is one that will be played on a loop over and over.

‘Always Christmas Eve’ will be released on Friday, December 1st.

Review written by Laura Klonowski

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