Interview with Claudia Hoyser

Claudia Hoyser only came to our attention at Belles and Gals at the end of 2017, but she has certainly made an impact already. With fantastic single releases under her belt and an upcoming album, it was a great time to chat with Claudia – Nick Cantwell caught up with Claudia just after Christmas.

Hi Claudia! I first featured you on Belles and Gals after seeing your single ‘Steam’ on social media – it grabbed me so much I made it our song of the day immediately. Tell us a little about the song!

I am really happy you were able to connect and so honored that you made it the song of the day! Thanks! We originally wrote “Steam” as a pitch for a tv show. It honestly only took us about three hours to write and record the initial demo. The old-timey country tune didn’t end up being placed in the show but we weren’t very disappointed because we loved where the song was heading and we’re thankful for the inspiration. The “Steam” lyrics tell a story about being able to jump on a train that will take you to your dream. It’s about going after what you want and not letting anything stand in your way.

You had something of a breakthrough this year on the radio with an unintentional release of the fantastic ‘No Matter What It Costs’. How did that come about?

I still can’t believe it! “No Matter What it Costs” was pretty much a simple demo that my manager sent over to our Music Director friend at Big Dog Country Radio, Stone Hill, solely for an opinion. Stone loved the song and said it was “full of swagger and highly competitive with today’s country music trends.” He thought it was so fitting, he asked us if he could test the track on air. A few days later, he called us with some exciting news. Stone said that he got a bunch of calls on the song which prompted our very first radio add. Stone opened the floodgates for our unexpected success on radio this year!

You’ll soon be releasing an album – ‘Red Light’s Turning Green’! How exciting is it to be on the verge of an album release? And what can you tell us about the release?

We anticipated the album would be out in 2017 but we kept going deeper and deeper on it! It really became less about “the right time” and more about “the right statement.” It’s all about the content of the song and the lyrics for us.

You’ve written more than 70 songs – are you ever not writing? Have you got a set song writing process?

We are seriously ALWAYS writing! Even when we don’t mean to be, in everyday conversations.. little phrases or single words can strike up an idea for a new song. When I say “we” I am talking about my co-writer, Tony Gross, who is also my manager – I’m with him in the studio about 40-60 hours a week. After 3 years of working together, we definitely have our own approach to writing and it seems to be working!

What has been the highlight of your music career so far?

That’s a tricky one. The year has been one big highlight for me! I actually just put up a video on my Facebook with a bunch of little clips of some of the amazing things we got to do this year.. Some of my favorites would be: Releasing my first EP called “Steam,” starting our radio tour, experiencing the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, sharing the stage with Eddie Money, performing at the original Woodstock site, having song placements in two Sony films and getting to act in one of them on Netflix!

Has it always been country music? And what set you on the road to singing?

As a little kid, I used to laugh at my Poppy’s (grandpa’s) country music and now I fully get why it was his favorite thing to listen to. I grew up listening to everything from Good Charlotte to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and country is just where I feel at home.

Which artists have inspired you in your career?

Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton and Maren Morris.
Lately, I’ve been listening to more of the classic artists like Kitty Wells, The Carter Family, Dolly Parton and of course, Johnny Cash.

If you could duet with any other artist on the planet, who would it be?

Does Little Big Town count? I’d die for those harmonies!

Tell us something unique about yourself!

I am left handed and very crafty. I love all sorts of projects.. Whether it’s painting, weaving, or editing our music videos or website, I am in!

To finish, tell us about your hopes and plans for 2018!

Staying on course, building one fan at a time, team building, travel, more radio and social, growing fan base..keeping the dream alive!

Check out Claudia’s socials below!

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