Megan O’Neill releases new single – “Ghost of You”

Megan O’Neill is one of the UK’s leading country artists. Originally from Co. Kildare, Ireland, and now based in London, Megan is back with a brand new single, the second release from her upcoming full length album. ‘Ghost of You’ is out today and it’s a simply gorgeous song. Megan is a tremendous songwriter, with vocals to match and all of this shines through in ‘Ghost of You’.

Megan describes the song as “one of those ones that just kind of flowed out – it was effortless to write in some ways but then of course, when editing, you can spend hours changing one lyric here and another one there! It’s about loved ones lost but their memories live on as part of you. One part of you wishes you could let them go – let those memories go – and yet another part of you is thankful that you still have them with you in some spiritual way.”

Listen to the song on Spotify below and to download the new single from iTunes, click here –

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