Belles and Gals to Sponsor Becky Lawrence

At Belles and Gals we’re totally committed to bringing you the best that female country music has to offer. Being a site based in the UK, we’re also committed to the burgeoning UK country music scene. To that end, we have decided that we’d like to sponsor a select group of  two or three UK country singers in 2018.

The first artist we’ve agreed a sponsorship deal with is Becky Lawrence. Long term followers of the site will know that Becky was once a member of the Belles and Gals team, but with her music career flourishing on the back of her latest EP release, she has most certainly become one of the rising stars in UK country.

Becky released ‘What it Takes’ in the latter half of 2017. ‘That Guy’ and ‘Change Your Mind’ show off a new attitude-filled, badass side to her music, while ‘Still Come Home to You’ is just a great country song. A personal favourite of mine is ‘Eyes of the Lonely’ a stunning ballad which shows that Becky can cover all bases – and what a voice too! (You can stream the EP below on Spotify to see for yourself)

As part of the sponsorship deal, we’ll be spotlighting Becky throughout the year. If she plays live, you’ll know all about it, any new releases will be featured and all Becky Lawrence news will appear on Belles and Gals. You might even see Becky pop up with a social media takeover or two.

Becky Lawrence –  “I’m so grateful and blessed to be sponsored by the lovely team at Belles & Gals. They have been huge supporters over the last couple of years and it’s just fantastic be a part of this wonderful family!”

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