Houston to Release ‘Manuscripts’ EP

It’s always fantastic to see new artists on the UK country scene, especially when they are a made for ‘Belles and Gals’ female country trio, so we were delighted to hear that their new EP ‘Manuscripts’ will be released on the 1st March.

I caught up with Houston to have a chat about the upcoming release!

So, why the name Manuscripts?
Well, these songs were some of the first original songs we worked on together as a team! The definition of a manuscript is a book or story that has yet to be published, and for so long, we were wanting to share our music, but could never find the right time or place to actually do it! Plus, Lauren always writes her songs in the form of stories, whether they come from personal experiences, or things she’s witnessed others going through, so the name Manuscripts seemed right for us. We looked at those first original songs as stories that needed to be shared.

Tell us how the EP came about?
None of us are tech savvy, so we knew that we’d need big help when it came to actually producing music. A friend of ours recommended a company called Rad Records – and we’re so glad she did, those guys are the BEST. They’re a record label, as well as a recording studio based in Nashville. Obviously we’re based in the UK, and no matter how much we wanted to, we weren’t able to nip over and work with them face to face. But it didn’t matter! Our sole form of communication with them was through email, and somehow they just knew exactly the right vibe and style that we were going for. They made the whole process so much fun, even though it probably took a little longer than it would have if we’d gone with a local studio. We spent months emailing new ideas and little tweaks back and forth until we were certain we’d created the right sound. They’re such creative geniuses, we’re now desperate to go work with them in person haha!

What kind of style can we expect to hear on the EP?
It’s quite a mixed bag! But we’re pleased with the way the songs fit together – when you listen to the EP as a whole, you kind of go through all the emotions you could ever feel with regards to different relationships, ranging from jealousy or anger to total bliss. The songs frame all those emotions, but allow you to have fun with them! So it’s kind of happy-easy-listening but with a bit of a kick!

Tell us about your writing process as a trio?
From my point of view (Lauren), what’s so great about being in this band is that there’s absolutely nothing that could embarrass me in front of these girls. We’ve been friends for so long that we have seen the absolute worst in each other! So although I write the songs on my own, I know that if I bring something to the table, the girls are going to tell me straight away what is or isn’t working. So that level of trust that we have in each other really helps. When we find something that does work, the best part is always when we start to arrange harmonies and play around with stuff – I always find that my new favourite part of any song comes from something Holly or Charlotte have thought up – if they’ve come up with a particularly smashing harmony, or thought of a way to build the chorus up in a way I’d never have thought of. We always feel very lucky to have three heads instead of one!

What are your plans once the EP is out?
We’re definitely planning a big launch event – keep your eyes peeled on our social media for the date, which will be announced soon! We’re looking forward to getting back into gigging again soon – Holly and Lauren both work in theatre so for the last 6 months or so we’ve had very few evenings available for gigs! But we’re planning on making time to force ourselves onto the UK country music scene this year haha! We’re also already working on the new music! It took us 5 years together to sort out the first EP, and we won’t be letting the second take that long haha!

Pre-order ‘Manuscripts’ by clicking on the link below –



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