Road to C2C Festival #29 – The Wandering Hearts

One of the best additions to the C2C Festival this year will be ‘The Wandering Hearts”. The UK four piece recently released their debut album ‘Wild Silence’, an album team member Liam Lewis reviewed and finished by saying this:

“To say I am impressed by this debut is an understatement. The group have a talent for producing tracks that transcend genres, and although some may not be a fan of this, the group’s ability to utilise many genres to create tracks that are heartfelt and powerfully strong sonically, and lyrically, is a rare talent. An incredible debut for a group with a highly promising career ahead.”

The group are formed of Tim Prottey-Jones, Tara Wilcox, A.J. Dean and Francesca Whiffin. After uploading a pair of demos to Soundcloud, a buzz surrounded The Wandering Hearts and within a month they were signed to Decca.

The Wandering Hearts will be appearing on the BBC Radio 2 Stage on Friday and the Town Square Stage on Saturday!

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