Road to C2C Festival #31 – Stephanie Quayle

One of the real highlights when the C2C line up’s were announced was when I spotted the name Stephanie Quayle. Stephanie is an artist we’ve featured regularly on Belles and Gals, so to see she was heading over the Atlantic was a real ‘high five’ moment for the Belles and Gals team!

Stephanie released her fantastic ‘Love The Way You See Me’ album last year – I ended my review of the album like this:

‘‘Love The Way You See Me’ is a fine album. If you’re familiar with Stephanie Quayle, you’ll already know she is something special. If not, then she is the best singer you’ve never heard of. If this is a sign of things to come, expect MUCH bigger things from Stephanie in the future. A fantastic listen.’

‘Drinking with Dolly’ (above) is the fantastic opening track to the album and my personal introduction to Stephanie Quayle, a song with enchanting lyrics which give a nod to some of the great singers of the past. This coming from one of the great singers of the present.

Stephanie will be performing on the Town Square stage on both Saturday and Sunday.


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