Hannah Rose Platt – ‘Sorry’

If you had to pick an artist on the UK scene who has the ability to write a song with an emotional impact, it has to be Hannah Rose Platt. Today, the London based Liverpudlian has released ‘Sorry’, a song based on tough, personal experiences for Hannah. Hannah is usually known for writing tracks in the third person, so this rare personal insight must have been incredibly difficult to write and record. The track has been released in aid of the ‘Women’s Aid’ charity.

‘Sorry’ is hard hitting, intense, incredibly moving, brilliant and most of all, brave. Please share the song/video as widely as you can across across all social media. This needs to be heard. Use the link below to donate. 

Hannah Rose Platt:

“This song is written directly from my personal experiences with several different people. I was extremely nervous about releasing it, and sharing the experiences I have either blamed myself for, tried to block-out, reason or explain away over the years. After advice from my close, trusted circle of strong women and wonderfully supportive men, it was clear this is a song which, sadly, many people will relate to and that it should be shared. I hope that it may play some small part in reducing the stigma surrounding these issues.
All proceeds from downloads and streams of ‘Sorry’ will be donated to Women’s Aid. You can also donate directly to support their incredible and vital work here: https://www.womensaid.org.uk/donate/
It’s also important to note that whilst I am speaking here about my own experiences as a woman, and statistically women are more likely to experience sexual violence and domestic abuse, these are issues that can also affect men. Women’s Aid provide information on where male survivors can go for support, and the National Domestic Violence Helpline offers support to both men and women.”

Written by Hannah Rose Platt
Produced by Thomas Collison & Hannah Rose Platt
Video Directed by Hannah Rose Platt & Thomas Collison

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