Lucy Blu – Worse Than Whiskey Released Today!

We first featured Lucy Blu back in November, 2016 when we posted a review of her excellent debut E.P ‘Trendy Girl’. Now Lucy is back with a great new single, ‘Worse Than Whiskey’. The song showcases Lucy’s excellent vocals brilliantly, with an added sultry air to the performance – you can really picture the the scene, as the lady waits in a bar, and THE guy walks in. Lyrics such as ‘I know I’ll wake up with a bitter taste, glass half empty and a shot of disgrace’ are just great and give a real idea of the feel of the song. The production is great too, with the lead guitar particularly standing out. If this is the first release this year from Lucy, we have a lot to look forward to!

Download ‘Worse Than Whiskey’ here –


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