Demi Marriner – What Am I Doing Here

A few years ago when you heard the name Demi Marriner you would think of a young girl singing fun pop-country songs about life and love and boys. Now, fast forward a few years and a more mature Demi is singing about life and love and boys but in a much different way, and you can hear the development in her voice and the severity of her lyrics.
What Am I Doing here is Chapter 2 of her new EP and marries her stunning vocals with heartbreaking lyrics perfectly. For anyone who has been torn about following your heart or your head, you need this track in your life.
This track is part of her live EP that comes out on the first of each month and focuses on using 1 camera and 1 microphone. There will be a limited amount of physical copies that are available for purchase after the debut at Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

Article written by Emily J Weall (

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