Interview with Megan O’Neill – Interview conducted by Lesley Hastings

Irish born Megan is now back residing in the UK after living in Nashville for some time, she’s an amazing artist who we’ve featured on the site a few times now. With her debut album “ Ghost Of You” due for release on June 8th but available to pre-order now ( don’t forget to check out her previous EP’s too! ) what better time to catch up with her?

1. LH Hi Megan, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions….I always start by asking artists where they are when they are replying as it helps set the scene!
MO I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in King’s Cross, sipping a strong americano and waiting for my next meeting. 🙂

2.LH Straight away I want to ask about your upcoming release in June ….. your first album, which is a solo project I understand and began life last September ….are the two singles ( dreamy ballads!) you’ve already put out there a good indication of what to expect from the rest of the album?
MO Yep my first full album release ‘Ghost of You’ is set for this coming June (8th). The first single ‘Why I Need You’ is the only true ballad on the record. The second single ‘Ghost of You’ is more mid-tempo with a pop-Americana vibe

The third single ‘Without’ will be released 6th April. ‘Without’ is probably the most country track on the record.

The record is definitely a mix of a few different styles; Americana, Country, Pop, Folk… Which I’m loving. Hopefully everyone else will love it too!

3. LH How did you hook up with producer Zak Lloyd, he’s British but now based Stateside isn’t he? Reading his bio he sounds like a musical genius!

MO You’re dead right – Zak is a complete musical genius! I was introduced to him via our mutual friend Tom Seals. I met Tom whilst on tour with CC Smugglers in 2016 and he thought Zak and I would work great together. Well… Right he was!

4. LH Are there any particular tracks you’re excited for us to hear, maybe ones that have a special place in your hear for whatever reason?

MO YES! ‘Any Younger’ and ‘Lost a Love’ (both written with Joseph and Dave of The Dunwells) are two tracks that I love. Also ‘Don’t Say it’s Over’ and ‘Let’s Make One Up’ are both very special to me. I’m very proud of the whole record though I have to say.

5. LH What inspires your songwriting…..and which artists influence you, both currently and over the years?

MO I draw inspiration from so many different things; relationships, friends’ stories, books I’ve read and places I’ve travelled. Right now I’m heavily influenced by Ryan Adams, Brandi Carlile, Paulo Nutini and First Aid Kit (among others!).

6. LH At what age did you start playing piano and writing, and when did you realise you wanted to make music your career?

MO I don’t know if there was ever a time that I didn’t want a career in music – haha! I started playing piano aged 6 and started writing music about aged 13-14.

7. The time you spent living in Nashville must have been pretty incredible, but was it also a bit scary being surrounded by so many fantastic artists? What did you learn from the experience ?

MO Living in Nashville was incredible and I look back on that time very fondly. I love the city and I have a second family there now. It’s always such a joy to go back!

Of course it was scary when I first moved there – I was completely new to the music scene and I didn’t know anyone! But I got really lucky with the people I got to know and the wonderful humans who took me under their wings. It was all such a blessing and I learned so much – and fast. There’s no slow lane in Nashville!

8.LH I know you played at the legendary Bluebird Cafe on several occasions, that must have been a dream come true?
MO Absolutely. I love that place. It’s magical!

9.LH How exciting was it when you knew that your song “Don’t You” was going to be featured on the Nashville TV series?
MO Super exciting. I love the show (it’s my guilty pleasure!) so having my song on it was a great honour.

10. LH What does the rest of 2018 hold for you? I see you have a few upcoming tour dates but can we expect more to be added to promote the album?

MO Yep 2018 is very busy so far and only getting to be more so. First and foremost I’m obviously excited to get the new album out there but I also can’t wait for all the touring and performing in places I’ve never played live before (such as Germany, Switzerland and California!).

I’m also going to be starting a new project this summer with the aim to release more material by the end of the year. Always need to be a step ahead!

11. A fun one to finish with……you’re stuck on a desert island, you have one album to listen to and one person to co-write with. Which album and who?

MO RYAN ADAMS, RYAN ADAMS, RYAN ADAMS! And any album of his… Seriously!

Thanks to Megan for taking time to answer our questions, there’s still a few tickets left for he album launch in London on 26th April. Link here –
and of course you can keep up to date with all her news via her website and socials!

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