‘Write Like a Girl’ UK Tour featuring Emily Faye, Beth Keeping and Vic Allen

If Belles and Gals organised tours here in the UK, the newly announced ‘Write Like A Girl’ tour is exactly the kind of event we’d put on – three fantastic female UK country artists moving the length and breadth of England. Emily Faye, Beth Keeping and Vic Allen are artists we’ve featured regularly on the site and now you can see them all in one place. Not only that, but they will also be joined by a local artist at each of the venues too. 

This isn’t just a tour however, with the three singer songwriters wanting to create something more:

“Write Like A Girl is a new movement that aims to put female songwriting talent back in the spotlight – and inspire more women to pick up a pen or an instrument and create music. Keeping says: “We want to show that female writers have a unique voice to bring to the table. We also hope to create an environment where women celebrate each other’s talents and successes, and cheer one another on.”

The tour starts in Norwich on the 8th May and ends in London on the 24th! For more details and to buy tickets, click the link below!


Check out the three artists in action below too!


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