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We featured Spinn just last week when we heard their great new single ‘Crazy For You’. In fact we were so taken, we had to find out more – so we had a chat with Stephanie and Cheryl Lynn! Read on to find out how they started, what could be considered their big break, their career highlight and why one won’t go near a coconut!

Hi Stephanie and Cheryl Lynn! We recently featured your fantastic new single ‘Crazy For You’, which was released on May 9th. Can you give us an insight into how the song came about?

Hey there, thanks for having us! We’ve been telling people our new song “Crazy For You” is a song for your ‘musical sweet tooth’! This song is so special to us because it was really written keeping in mind to enjoy the simple things in life and to slow down and appreciate what and who you have in your life. Music keeps us very busy which we are SO thankful for, but sometimes we get lost in the shuffle and when that happens there are very important people in our lives that wrangle us back in!

So how did two sisters from New Jersey make the jump into country? New Jersey isn’t exactly a country hotbed?!

You’re so right about that! Our Dad always loved country music and we’ve had the country bug since we were little. His sister went to Oklahoma University and then moved to Houston, TX and when he went to visit her he brought country music back with him. We learned to really sing from the heart mimicking great artists like Leanne Rhymes, Martina McBride, and Leanne Womack and it really helped us dial in in our sound we have now. But keep your eye on country music in the NJ/NYC area because the resurgence has already started and we’re so happy to be a part of it!

Has it always been a joint dream of yours to become musicians? How did it all start – does music run through your family?

So funny, we were just reminiscing about how our dream of being performers sprung from watching Mickey Mouse Club! Since we were little we sang in our church choir, took piano lessons and wrote songs. We just love music, we walk around singing 24/7. The guys in our band always joke about how we don’t ever have to warm up because we never stop singing!

In 2016 you won NASH FM’s NASH Next regional competition and seemingly gained a big fan in Kix Brooks (of Brooks and Dunn). How much did winning the competition give you confidence going forward.

After we won the NYC regional portion of the competition, we heard “Spinn” and our song “City country” on the biggest (only) country radio station out of NYC! Then being chosen out of 50 great country acts from all over the country to go to Nashville for the Top 10 Finals was another level of great. To be in the stage down in Nashville and see strangers singing the words to OUR SONG while we performed it – we still honestly don’t know how they knew it! And to still be the only country act out of NYC to make it to the Nash Next Finals is really something we cherish.

What would you say are the advantages of working together as sisters? Do you have a natural harmony when it comes to music?

There are certainly advantages AND disadvantages to working with your sister, and most of them are at the same time! For example, it’s great when you think you have an amazing idea and yoursiater flat our tells you she hates it! It’s good because you don’t waste your time on something that won’t work and focus on other ideas that will… but it’s still hard to hear sometimes and sisters don’t care! They won’t sugar coat things to spare your feelings, they tell it like it is and while that can be rough on the ego, in the long run its definitely best! Our harmonies are what we think of as our musical superpowers, it was so great to be born with someone to always sing harmonies with!

And how does your song writing process work? Do you write songs together, or each have certain roles in the process?

It’s different for every song! One of us will come up with either a concept we like or maybe a small line we want to build from and then together we turn it into a song. We write way more songs than make it into our set or are ever recorded. We’re pretty picky about the songs that make the cut to be “Spinn Songs” but we love writing all different styles if music, not even always country!

If you had to pick a particular highlight of your time together in music, what would it be?

In December the Grand Ole Opry opened a sister venue here in New York City right in Times square called Opry City Stage! We were the first band to ever get an ‘encore’ request from the audience on that gorgeous stage, and all of us including the sound engineers and stage managers didn’t really know what to do! The stage Manager looked at us from the wing and kind of shrugged and said “If you want to play one more, go for it! The crowd there was amazing so of course we would have played all night if they let us! We’re hoping that story will find it’s way into a music history book some day!

Tell us something we don’t know about each of you!

Everyone who follows us on Twitter would know that we are super quirky and really put it all out therr for people to see the ‘real I’d, but some thinfs even they may not know are…. Cher will not eat coconut. The coconut scent is okay, but long story about dinner at a neighbor’s when we were little and a coconut cake and years later it’s still haunts her! Fun fact about steph, she is a speed reader and it drives her crazy how slow Cher reads! Also, Steph absolutely defeats being itchy after an allergic reaction to Tylenol cold and flu in college.

If you could listen to just one album for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

If we had to agree on one album it would definitely be something Miranda, probably Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. There’s a song for every emotion on that album, and we NEVER get tired of listening to Miranda Lambert sing!

To finish, tell our readers where they can download the new single, and where we can find you on social media!

“Crazy For You” is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and for streaming on Spotify! Keep track of us all day e’ry day on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! For tour dates, visit

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