Natalie Jones – ‘Love ‘n’ Stuff’ Out Now

Friday saw the release of ‘Love ‘n’ Stuff’, the new E.P. from Natalie Jones, a Country Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist from South Wales. I’m not going to beat about the bush with this review – from the very first note, the E.P. is just fantastic. The 4 track record starts with ‘Town Called Crazy’ (see lyric video below) and this upbeat opener shows off both Natalie’s fantastic vocals and songwriting – a perfect opening track which will make you sit up and listen. 

‘Blame’ slows things down a little for the second track, an atmospheric number where Natalie’s vocals are heightened by a male backing vocal and a brilliant guitar solo. Blame sees the singer pleading ‘Please tell me I’m not to blame‘ about the falling apart of a relationship, the song growing in intensity with each passing bar.

‘You Can’t Fix This’ starts with an almost airy, upbeat retro feel. Lyrics ‘Little did I know what was in store, you had me baby, but you wanted more, now it’s coming down like a ton of bricks, I’ve got a broken heart that can’t be fixed‘ tell the story of the song. This 3rd track ends with the final ‘You Can’t Fix This’ brilliantly and emotionally delivered, seemingly drawing a line under the relationship.

The final track ‘Rising’ rocks it up again with a great (Alannah Myles-esque) guitar beat and is a rousing number about rising up in a relationship, knowing she’s now over a significant other. The guitar work is astounding throughout the track, and this might have been too much for a lesser singer, but this song was made for Natalie’s powerful vocals.

A week ago I had never heard of Natalie Jones, but now this E.P. is my go to record of the moment. Natalie has a great voice, while the four songs show a real strength in her songwriting, with great variety. A word for the production of the E.P. too – it’s absolutely spot on and brings out the best in the singer. 

‘Love ‘n’ Stuff’ is a fantastic E.P which simply has to be heard. Sometimes you hear people state that ‘UK Country’ cannot compete with counterparts across the pond. Listen to this E.P. and you’ll change your mind. A real contender for our E.P. of the year.

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