Interview with Montana Modderman

It’s always fantastic to feature new artists here at Belles and Gals, and today we get to chat to Montana Modderman, a singer songwriter who is on the verge of her first single release (look out for a feature when the single is out!). Read on to find out which artists have influenced Montana, how she got into country music in the first place and find out all about the upcoming single!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Well, I was born in western Michigan. My family and I moved to Florida when I was in the third grade. I’ve always had a love for entertainment. My brother and I would put on shows for my parents ALL the time. Shortly after our move to Florida, we both got involved in acting. We had the opportunity to be in a few plays, musicals, films, and commercials. Such fun experiences! I was ten, I believe, when I wrote my first song. It was just lyrics and the melody because at that time I couldn’t yet play guitar. When I learned how to play at 13, that’s when I knew I really loved this. I would spend hours on hours in my room learning songs and writing my own. Since then, I’ve been writing and living my life, going to school, travelling.

And how did you get into country music in the first place? Has it always been country music for you?

For me, it has always been country. I grew up listening to artists like Faith Hill, Tim Mcgraw, and Shania Twain. My favorite album in the first grade was Tim Mcgraw’s greatest hits. So naturally, the first song I learned to play on guitar years later was Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw”. Country music has always really resonated with me. When I started writing my own music, country songs are just what came naturally.

You have your debut single ‘Didn’t Mean To’ being released next month? How exciting is that? And what can you tell us about the song?

I like to describe “Didn’t Mean To” as an unexpected love song. I wrote it out of a place of being completely blindsided by my own feelings. I was caught off guard and so I sat down on my living room floor and wrote the song. Getting to see it come to life has been one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s a song that I’m really proud of. I’m so excited that I get to share it with the world so soon. I’m counting down the days till July 27th.

You’re also on the verge of making the move to Nashville! What inspired the move and what do you hope it will bring?

Yes, a future move to Nashville is in the works. I’m looking forward to being in music city! I don’t have any big expectations. I really just hope to learn as much as I can. There are so many incredible talents in Nashville. I look forward to working and writing with other artists and perfecting my craft.

Which country artists have inspired you in your music career? And if you could share a stage with anyone, who would it be?

I’ve always been inspired by songwriters. Lori Mckenna is someone I really admire. One of my favorite songs as a little girl was Faith Hill’s Fireflies, which was written by Mckenna. She’s written so many amazing songs. I hope to be half the songwriter she is one day. Artists like Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini, and Jennifer Nettles have been monumental in inspiring my music career. These artists have are not only incredible performers but also outstanding writers.

I would absolutely love to share the stage with the person who inspired me to start playing guitar, that is Taylor Swift. To get to perform with the person who taught me that it is okay to be unapologetic in my songwriting would be such a full circle moment.

What would you say has been the highpoint of your music career?

Releasing this first single, without a doubt.

And you recently received an honorable mention in the American Songwriters Magazine. Congrats on that! That must have been rewarding.

Thank you! It was super rewarding. I submitted a song I wrote called “When Love Hits You”. When I found out that it had received honorable mention I was thrilled. The song was something I thought was really special, but I wasn’t quite sure how other people would feel about it. I was very happy to see that they felt the same.

To finish, can you tell us how to keep up with your adventure by sharing your socials!

Absolutely! People can follow me at @montanamodderman on Instagram and @montanamoddermanmusic on Facebook.


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