Emily Frith on ‘Better’

It’s now almost two weeks since Emily Frith released her new single ‘Better’ and if you follow Emily on social media, it’s clear that she’s enjoying every minute. We caught up with Emily, who we sponsor here at Belles and Gals, and asked her about the reaction to the single:

“I’m so so surprised and blown away by the reaction of my new single ‘Better’. This song means the absolute world to me, as it’s a really personal song, about topics I never used to talk about much, like bullying. I wrote the song to help myself accept and move on from the bad times of my past, but I realised that releasing the song could really help some people find the confidence to also accept and move on from the rough patches in their lives too. I never really expected that in a week, over 200 people would listen to it, or for it to have over 1.8 thousand streams on Spotify alone. I’ve also received so many messages from people all over the world, telling me all about how the song has inspired them or helped them feel better about a situation they’ve gone through, which means the world to me! Pardon the pun, but I truly have never been better. I honestly can’t stop smiling!

Listen to ‘Better’ on Spotify below (with song lyrics below) –

You once
Were treated like a toy
Torn, left,
The silence was just noise
In your head
Of the words they yelled at you
You’re not enough.
But baby look at you.

They tore you down and left you crying
Running to your Mum
Was the plaster on your bullet
Wounds on you heart
They got bigger
When he broke your heart
And he pulled the trigger.

Nothing’s gonna hurt you
The way her words do
Nothing’s gonna wound your heart
Like his break up kiss
Nothing’s gonna make you cry
Like her lies did
All the friends that left you out,
Kept you rising
Now you’re standing your ground
You can’t be torn down
Everything that hurt you
Made you better.

Nothing lasts forever
And that’s something
You learnt from your Father
When your friends left
You out on the corner
You thought it was a game
You didn’t know better
So you stood by their side
When they made you cry.

I know you feel pain somedays
But your new friends
Are the best friends
You’ve had
And I know rain comes on
The sunny days
But it makes your
Favourite flowers grow

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