Melanie Meriney Releases Video for ‘Up In Lights’

Last weekend Melanie Meriney released the fantastic video for ‘Up in Lights’, the title track of her recent E.P. Some of you will be familiar with Melanie through her fantastic ‘Notes from Nashville‘ series on this very website, but it’s clear that while her writing is brilliant, her true talent comes through her music.

The video is the perfect accompaniment to the song and keeps you watching for the entire almost three and a half minutes. It tells the story of a singer who suddenly makes it – exploring how the industry can be a flawed one and how the rise to fame won’t always be a happy one, sending out the message that it’s better to be true to yourself, than be moulded into someone/something that you’re not happy with.

Melanie Meriney doesn’t need to convince us of her talent, but the brilliant combination of this song and video will surely convince all. A star most definitely on the rise.

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