Buckle and Boots Hit Australia in a Fantastic Move for UK Country!

It’s been announced today that the ‘Buckle and Boots’ festival will be heading to literally the other side of the planet, and showcase some of the best talent the UK has to offer! Heading down under are Jade Helliwell, Darcy, Sarah Jory, Kezia Gill, Stew Mac and Dean Roberts and Izzie Walsh!

It’s a fantastic move for UK country and will help show the world just how much talent we have on these shores. Of particular interest to us at Belles and Gals are the four female artists (we do love you too though Darcy and Stew and Dean!). You’ll need no introduction at all to the fantastic Sarah Jory, while regular readers will know just how much of a talent Jade Helliwell is! In Kezia Gill and Izzie Walsh, there are two artists who are making amazing names for themselves – look out for features on both REAL soon! 

Well done Buckle and Boots! The Brits are coming!

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