Interview with Shannon Hynes

Hi Shannon, A couple of weeks ago you released your new single ‘I’m Not Pretty’. Can you tell us how the song came about?
Yeah, of course! It came from such a place of lonesome actually, which you wouldn’t expect from such an upbeat song. I wrote it on my parents anniversary, which happens to also be my then flatmate’s anniversary with her boyfriend, so they we’re going out, I rang my parents, they were having a romantic night in. I just wasn’t feeling it, y’know? Haha! Then this song just happened, just like that. Something i’ve come to realise during the whole release process, is the song represents a shield. The deep lyric hides behind the upbeat tempo and vibe of the song. I don’t know about you, but that is me to a T, I didn’t even realise when writing it.

What stood out about this song? Why did you release ‘I’m Not Pretty’ as a single over the other songs you’ve written?
I’d like to hope it is relatable. I’ve had lots of messages from women saying that it is, but I actually had a guy tell me he can relate to it too, which was crazy, i’d never think that, being a woman myself!

Tell us your exact reaction when you saw that the song had hit the top spot in the iTunes country chart?!!
Haha, it was 6am and the first thing I did was check my phone for iTunes, as I was hoping i’d be in the top 100 or something like that. I couldn’t believe it, I rang my Mum immediately she answered the phone ‘What? What?’ obviously as it was first thing in the morning and then the tears started haha!

Hitting the top spot has seen an incredible couple of weeks for you – with newspaper articles, radio interviews and multiple radio plays. How do you look back on the last fortnight?
Honestly, just so so thankful for the incredible country family, my friends, you guys, radio DJ’s, we’re all in this together, trying to build a well deserved name for country music. We are a family, I count myself so incredibly lucky to have this passion that I do, none of this would have been possible without them. Also, I’m not going to lie, a little pressure for knowing the hard work starts now, this is the best kick off to my career I could have dreamed, now I just want to live up to everything with the next single and live performances.

So what’s next for Shannon Hynes? Can readers see you play live soon, and do you have further releases planned?
YES! Belles and Gals Showcase, 14th October, The Water Rats. I am so so so excited for this gig and so incredibly honoured to be playing alongside Hannah, Lucy and Emily, obviously being on the Belles and Gals team i’ve been a fan of them for a while, haven’t we all?!? I’m so excited! It’s going to be a fabulous night! (tickets – here)
And, yes I do have more music coming, release planned for December, so look out for that, a different side to me, I think. Very excited for the future and lots more gigs!

Thank you so much Belles and Gals, you’ve been a constant source of support for me! Xx

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