Q and A with Payton Taylor!

Last week Payton Taylor released her new single ‘Whiskey on my Wings’, a song we described as ‘a fantastic slow build, with a chorus that grabs hold and a smooth as silk vocal performance from Payton Taylor.’ We were so impressed in fact, we wanted to find out more, so we caught up with Payton for a chat!

Hi Payton! Congratulations on the new single release! Can you give us an insight into how ‘Whiskey on my Wings’ came to life?

Thank you so much! I have been waiting patiently for this music to be heard finally, and I’m so happy you like the song! “Whiskey On My Wings” was written at Round Hill Music Nashville which is located in the building that originally was home to Quad Studios. The Quad was where Neil Young cut the sessions for “Heart of Gold” and where Dobie Gray cut “Drift Away.” There’s magic in those walls, and that’s where we have been working on this new music. I was in a writing session with Phil O’Donnell, Wade Kirby, and Shane Minor and the title was just thrown out into the room. From that point on, the song grew into something that I knew was special as soon as we put our guitars down.

We’ve heard a rumor that there will be a video to the track soon too. Can you give us a hint about what we can expect?

The rumors are true! There is an incredible place back where I grew up in Atlantic City, NJ called “The Irish Pub.” It was originally a hotel built in 1903 on the beach. I went in there so much as a kid, and I even had my first legal drink there on my 21st birthday (It was a Smithwick’s Irish Ale). When I was thinking of places to shoot a video for the song, I was coming back to Nashville after playing a few shows in my hometown in NJ. I remembered the pub, and I immediately had my heart set on it. I knew there wasn’t another place I wanted the video to be shot. So, by the time we made it back home to Nashville, I was able to get in touch with the owners, they were kind enough to let us film, and we turned the car right back around and went right back to New Jersey to film it (that’s a 1401.74 KM trip). The hotel is frozen in time, and the most recent update to the building was from 1930. I cannot wait for everyone to see the beauty of this place when the video comes out. Right now, we are thinking of a release date in late October/ early November.

Your vocals are something to behold on the track. Where did that amazing voice come from? Is your family musical?

Thank you! My big Irish-Italian family has had experience playing banjos in string bands, saxophones in big-bands and swing bands, singing, drums, you name it. They gave me the best music education I could have ever asked for growing up. Whatever music I heard depended on who was driving me to school. I’m thankful they encouraged me to pick up an instrument and follow the family tradition.

The last time we spoke to you was back in 2016, when you were the first US artist we ever interviewed! What’s the difference between you and your 2016 version?

I’ve done some growing up for sure. From 19 to 21 years old, I feel like it was a season of growing up as a person and as an artist. I’ve learned that putting yourself out of your comfort zone is the only way you can grow. I realized that the challenges were blessings, and I’m thankful for every one of them.

Is ‘Whiskey on my Wings’ a solo single, or are their plans for a larger release? And what else can we expect in the coming months?

We’re gearing up for a lyric video and a music video for “Whiskey On My Wings.” In the new year, I hope to share more of the music we’ve been creating together over the past two years at the old “Quad” building. Also, the response to the music has been incredible from Ireland, the UK, and other places I’ve never been. I’m hoping to finally make the trip over to the UK for the first time to meet all of you in person!

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