Interview with Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson. Remember this name because judging from her recently self-released 6 track EP which demonstrates her versatility as both writer and artist, you’ll be hearing it a lot in the future.
Just give its lead single “ Working Overtime” a listen, this energetic and infectious song really showcases her strong vocals

Relocating to Nashville from rural Louisiana she became an in demand songwriter ( including landing cuts with chart-topper Luke Combs) but is now looking to the future as an artist in her own right having recently been signed to BBR Music Group/BMG.

I was fortunate enough to get the chance to ask Lainey a few questions about her musical journey ahead of her first visit to the UK for London’s Country Music Week. Hers is an interesting story with determination and tenacity winning in the end!

1. LH First of all, Lainey, thanks for taking time to answer my questions, where are you right now?
LW I am in Nashville, Tennessee where I have been for quite a while trying to pave my own way in the country music industry. It’s taken me a while to get my “foot in the door,” but I now write songs for a company called Sony ATV and just signed a record deal with Broken Bow Records.

2. LH Tell me a bit about where you grew up……are you from a musical family and did music play a large part in your life when you were younger?
LW I am from a farming community in Northeast Louisiana of about 300 people. Country music has been more of a way of life for the people in my area. Love for music runs on both sides of my family. My Deddy plays guitar and piano by ear and my mama loves to dance.

3. LH Which country artists were you listening to back there that made you love the genre?
LW I grew up listening to Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Leeann Womack, Garth Brooks and even Bob Seger. That’s the music we would crank up and listen to every time we were in truck, cleaning the house, or just sitting around the kitchen table.

4. LH So was it a culture shock moving to Nashville? And did you find the songwriting community there welcoming and supportive?
LW It was an absolute culture shock moving to Nashville. I moved several years ago in a bumper pull flagstaff camper trailer. Lived in it for about three years and was known as the “camper trailer girl.” I had never spent much time away from Louisiana and definitely not by myself so it was scary but there was never a plan B so I was determined to stick it out. The songwriting community is welcoming once you get your foot in the door. But to be honest, it took me a very long to figure out how to do that. Once I did have the opportunity to be around other great songwriters, they welcomed me with open arms and I will forever be grateful.

5.LH Do you think the daily discipline of being a staff songwriter at Sony/ATV help you improve your craft?
LW I feel like every song makes you better and better. Not every song is a winner but each song is created just to create the next one. It absolutely is a form of daily discipline.

6. LH Your recent EP has such a great mix of songs, from heartbreak ballads to more uptempo numbers with a lot of attitude! Do you have a favourite from it or maybe one that has been particularly popular when performed live?
LW Middle Finger usually stands out above the crowd just because it is sassy and is a great depiction of who I am and what I would like to represent. I’m not a mean person but I do believe in standing up for yourself. It’s hard to hide sass 🙂

7. LH And what inspired the single taken from the EP, “ Working Overtime?” 
LW  I got my first car at 16 and just like every new driver, I hit up the Walmart for some new keychains. My favorite one said “my Angels are working overtime.” For some random reason, the keychain came back to mind so I had to create a song out of it. I started the song in Louisiana and brought it back to Nashville where Rob Crosby helped me finish it. 
8. LH Is co-writing something you enjoy? Is there anyone in particular you’d love to write with?  
LW  Co-writing is one of my favorite parts of the whole process. Two or three brains can be better than one at times. Although writing by yourself is also important. I have a large list of writers I would love to collaborate with. One has got to be Lori McKenna. 
9. LH I gather you are already in the studio working on your first project as a signed artist? 
LW  I am so excited to put out more music. We are spending the rest of the year digging into music and writing more to try and create the best that I’ve done yet. I can truly say I am already proud of what it’s going to be and it’s not even finished yet. 
10. LH And it’s not long now till you head to the UK… excited are you about playing over here? 
LW Yes! It’s my very first trip to London. I am so pumped. I hear the UK audience is like none other. It’s going to be a crazy feeling being on the other side of the world and hearing people sing my music (hopefully lol). 
11. LH You play a home state festival next weekend too…..that’s bound to be a bit special I bet! 
LW Yes. I am playing in New Orleans a day before heading out to London. So, I will be having two very special events back to back that week. London, here I come!
You can catch Lainey during Country Music Week  opening for Chase Rice at Bush Hall on Oct 23rd  (already a sell out) and at The Borderline on 27th as part of the daytime hub line up with a 1.30pm set time.
Her self-titled EP is available to listen to /download wherever you normally access your music, and for more information and upcoming tour dates, visit or follow on Instagram @laineywilsonmusic / Twitter  ⁦@_laineywilson⁩  /
Interview conducted by Lesley Hastings (
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