Jessie Mary – Double Lives

Today we’re delighted to feature Jessie Mary with her new single ‘Double Lives’. Jessie has appeared on Belles and Gals as one half of the fantastic duo Hengistbury, but today we see her in a solo capacity (see more from Hengistbury REAL soon!). Jessie is from Poole in Dorset and is an incredibly talented musician, playing the guitar, the violin and the piano – ‘Double Lives’ is Jessie’s first solo release.

‘Double Lives’ is a song about what could have been in a relationship – two people who are not together who perhaps should be. The song talks about a moment when they are indeed together, but then real life/fate intervenes, and that momentary dream is over. It’s a lovely song delivered perfectly by Jessie Mary and a great introduction to her music. I look forward to hearing more!


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