Lindsay Ell at the Borderline 16/10/2018 Review


It’s been quite a 12 months for Lindsay Ell. The release of her debut album ‘The Project’ late in 2017 has seen the Canadian singer go from strength to strength. With her amazing talent and incredible work ethic (check out Lindsay’s Instagram to see just how hard she works!), Lindsay has made a special connection with us here in the UK. An appearance at Country Music Week last year, and at the C2C festival this year, has seen her grow an ever greater number of fans, so we were all delighted when she announced she was coming back to gig!

I was lucky enough to head along to the Borderline last night to see Lindsay play in London. After a quick drink at the bar (which surprisingly was relatively cheap for a London venue) and a chat or two, Jake Morrell started the night off with his support slot. Norfolk born Jake is a fantastic, fast rising artist on the UK scene and was the perfect choice to start off the evening, warming up the crowd nicely with his impressive set.

There was a real murmur in the air as 9pm approached, then as if by magic, Lindsay was on the stage – just Lindsay Ell and a guitar. You knew from the off that it was going to be a fun night, as Lindsay said that there was no real plan and  no real set list – she’d be open to requests too!

‘The Project’ opens with ‘Waiting on You’ and she chose this opening track to start the night. Straight away, everyone was on board, singing along to every word – so much so in fact, that Lindsay felt confident enough to let the crowd take over the singing at one point. On the FIRST song of the night – wow!

‘Castle’ and ‘Wildfire’ quickly followed and it was clear this is an artist at the top of her game. With an amazing stage confidence which comes from a sense that she just adores every minute of her job, Lindsay proceeded with Champagne – once again the crowd joining in singing ‘You make me feel like Jessica Biel’ and the rest of the chorus with a great fervour. 

Throughout the gig there were amazing guitar solos after amazing guitar solos, where she would come to the front of the stage and connect with the crowd. She knows she’s good, we know she’s good, and she knows that we know she’s good – making for this great mutual respect between the artist and the crowd.

At one point she shouted out for requests to which a loud shout of ‘Britney Spears!’ was heard. Lindsay laughed, then did a verse and a chorus of ‘Baby One More Time’ to an incredible cheer.

Real highlights of the set for me were ‘Mint’, which she ended with a little bit of Otis Redding’s ‘(Sitting on’) The Dock of the Bay’, a new song from Lindsay named ‘Temptation’, (a heartfelt number which hopefully will appear on her upcoming second album – if the reaction was anything to go by, it will!), ‘Horses’ (a song she recorded with Keith Urban) and ‘Space’, my own personal favourite from the album, made even more powerful live.

The last song of the night was ‘Criminal’, the all energy track a perfect way to end the night, with Lindsay literally skipping off with delight. But of course, we weren’t going to let her go without an encore! Lindsay reappeared and finished with the brilliant ‘Not Another Me’, despite already being over her curfew (nice one Lindsay!).

Lindsay Ell was on fire last night in London and it was a fantastic night to be a part of. Lindsay kept telling us how much she loves London, but we can safely say that London loves you more. Brilliant!


Review written by Nick Cantwell (

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