Interview with Two Ways Home

Two Ways Home, formed of Isabella Mariee and Lewis Fowler, have had a stellar 2018, while perhaps the best is yet to come in the remainder of the year. This week we caught up with the duo and asked them about their year so far, a fantastic gig they have lined up and how you can personally get involved in their new music project!

Hi Guys, 2018 has been an incredible year for Two Ways Home. Looking back on the past year, what would be your personal highlights?

Isi: It has been a very eventful year for us. We got to play a load of festivals we really enjoyed. My personal highlights were: Nashville Meets London at Canary Wharf and The Long Road Festival. 

Lewis: These shows were great and we both loved being out on the road with our band. It also means I get to play some electric guitar and even the odd solo! A highlight for me was definitely also getting to travel quite a lot, playing shows in America, Germany and Austria. 

Isi: The Round up, which is our monthly songwriters night has also grown over the last year and we have had some amazing guests from Jeff Cohen to Lauren Housley to Nashville based duo: Lost Hollow. And now we are making our first ever full-length album. 

It was recently announced that you’ve been invited to play Nash Nights, the first event since the original founders have passed the baton over to the venue. What can the Nash Nights crowd expect?

Lewis: It’s gonna be a crazy night. We have been to some of the previous events and it’s always a great atmosphere. As it’s a club night we are keeping our set very upbeat and also adding some covers into the mix, which is not so common for us. It will be a very high energy performance to really get the crowd going for the rest of the night.

Isi: I’m very excited to show the audience a slightly different side of Two Ways Home. A more upbeat energetic set and we will also be showcasing a few of the new songs we’ve been working on. 

Perhaps the biggest news of all is that you’ll be releasing a debut album! Is this the most exciting project of your career?

Isi + Lewis: YES!!!!! 🙂 We are so excited to be making a full-length album. We have released 3 EPs to date and loved the process and how our sound has evolved. We now feel ready to make a statement with our first album and hopefully push a few boundaries in the process.

Being an independent act, you’re setting up a pledge campaign, with some interesting rewards on offer! How can readers get involved and tell us more about these rewards!

Lewis: We wanted to offer any supporters some cool and exclusive rewards, which are all available via our IndieGoGo page. Some of our rewards include the obvious: a signed copy of the CD and we will be making a series of short videos centred around our time making the album, which will be shared with all of our backers. We will also be offering tickets to a private listening party, where the guests can hear the tracks in a cool environment for the first time (pre-release) and Isi will also be painting a limited number of ukuleles and one guitar. The one we are most excited about is probably the house concert option, as house concerts are always great fun and amazing to get to know new friends and fans. 

Here is the link to our IndieGoGo campaign:

We would love you to check it out and would be over the moon if you decide to invest in our first ever full-length album. 

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