Orfila – Built With a Dreamer’s Hand

Occasionally you come across a little gem of an E.P. a while after it’s release that you still feel the need to shout! ‘Built With a Dreamer’s Hand’ was released in the early part of this year, but it only reached my ears this week. 

ORFILA are a UK country trio consisting of siblings Abi, Louise and Matt Orfila who formed as a group back in 2012, and we’re delighted to feature them for the third time today – our last album review classing their music as ‘simply beautiful’.

The new E.P. features three tracks and starts with the song ‘It’s a Start’, a classic ‘drowning your sorrows’ track, where taking a shot of whiskey ‘ain’t the answer’ to getting over heartbreak, but it helps. This is catchy as hell, while the harmonies are fantastic throughout – exactly what you’d expect from this excellent UK trio.

‘Snow, Rain and a Hurricane’ is an interesting concept – picture the worst preparation for a wedding ever? Well this is much worse than that! This is a high tempo, high energy track which must be incredible live.

‘Reaching Out To You’ ends the E.P. on a fantastic high. It’s a story about reaching out to an ex, telling them the truth about why a relationship ended, and wanting them to know you still care. ‘As for what I did, I can’t change it, but I hope you see that this is me reaching out to you‘. 

‘Built with a Dreamer’s Hand’ (the title comes from a lyric in the final track) is a fantastic listen, full of character from start to finish, while those intertwined vocals create a wonderful sound. I may be late to the party in listening to this EP, but this is certainly a case of better late than never! A highly recommended EP from a trio at the top of their game.

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