Nash Nights Review 10/11/2018

Nash Nights holds a special place in a lot of UK country music fans’ hearts (queue emotional music) so lets think back to all of those Saturday nights when we’ve been dragged out to clubs in Central London and utterly tortured, praying for home, longing for that taxi ride out of there, all because of… ‘so called’ popular music! (snap, you’re back in the room). Well, almost 3 years ago now, our ladies in shining armour saved us all and we had a regular country club night where we could drink whiskey til out hearts content. No, but in all seriousness, I personally have made some of my greatest friends at Nashville Nights and I know for a fact I am not the only one. The Country Family has come along in full force partly due to NN. So we have so much gratitude towards Jenny, Joanne and Justine.

Last Saturday was the first NN under the management of Under The Bridge and we at Belles and Gals were asked to write a little review up of the night. I think the fact that the first one was in the month of November, was already a draw back, as it’s getting closer to that festive time, people are already starting to tighten their belts and recover their livers in time for Christmas. Taking this into account, it was a quiet dance floor but that didn’t stop the people who were there from having a good time. A few new things implicated with the change over, one being food, which I unfortunately didn’t get round to trying. Also, did I see people with cocktails? That’s new, right?

One of the highlights of every NN, is the live performance that kicks off the night. This time it was Two Ways Home’s turn. Dressed in sparkles and western attire they completely smashed it with their upbeat set, including a mix of originals and modern day covers such as ‘Shoot it Straight’ and NN anthem ‘Diane’. These guys are already massive fan favourites, but cemented their position as this on Saturday and really got the crowd going. DJ Quinn, the new resident DJ, pleased me as soon as I walked into the venue, as he played Carly Pearce and Miranda, I mean, first – 2 women and second – Queens!! I don’t think you can go wrong with playing popular country music that country lovin’ people can dance to for hours on end, the only thing that could be an issue, is the new location of the DJ might make it harder for people to request.

Overall, obviously I had a great night, as always. Speaking to people at the end, there were split opinions, but I think most of this is because such loyalty lies with our ladies. People will for sure come around though, it’s the country family, we’re all about love, if people don’t come around, it defeats the definition of family. Also, for as long as I can remember, I have wanted a Country NYE, finally we have it! That is going to be the best night ever, right?! I can’t wait for the future of NN, I think there’s many more awesome, never to be spoken about nights to come. After all, what happens under the bridge….

Review written by Shannon Hynes (

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