12 Days of Christmas Day 10!

Welcome to our festive feature where the Belles and Gals team get together to bring you the highlights of their year. Today Mike Fouts (twitter.com/rossmike15) shares his highlights of 2018!

I began putting this piece together with a list of all of the memorable shows I have had the pleasure of attending this year. However, with more than 20 shows under my belt, that quickly became unmanageable. I then decided to put together an end of year list, but realized everybody is doing that – not to mention that the only album I would include that has been woefully overlooked is Caitlyn Smith’s magnificent “Starfire.” Therefore, I would simply like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all of the Belles and Gals fans who have joined our effort in promoting the amazing women of country music.

Your involvement – visiting the B&G website, interacting with us on social media, and joining us at our live music events – is the ONLY reason we have been as successful as we have. As a result of your support, we are not only able to promote a wide variety of artists but to also call attention to many of the challenges facing women in the industry. Here in the United States, change is frustratingly slow, but we know that continued fan pressure and your voices WILL make a difference. So, on behalf of the rest of the Belles and Gals team and all of the artists, thank you!

In the spirit of the season, and since we ARE a music site, here’s a list of some of the songs on my Christmas playlist:


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