Hannah Paris releases ‘Never Bring Me Down’ – out now!

Hannah Paris had a stellar year in 2018, with highlights being two BCMA award nominations and an appearance at the 50th edition of the iconic Isle of Wight festival. Hannah was also named as Belles and Gals first ever ‘Managed’ artist at the start of last year too and we’re incredibly proud of the year she has had.

Now Hannah is back with a brand new single in ‘Never Bring Me Down’. The song sees Hannah bring great attitude to the song, sending a message to all of those people both within the industry and out who do indeed try to bring others down. I spoke to Hannah about the message behind the song:

“The song is about having a dream and pursuing it. Many people are met with discouragement and a total lack of support, and try to bring you down, as if to say, “who do you think you are?”. Almost as if they want you to fail and chuck it all in. Its a song to inspire others to press on with their dreams regardless of others and to give it your best shot, to step into the light, to try something new, no matter how difficult it seems at the start. One step at a time and everybody that ever did anything started from scratch, made the first step on that journey. If we all never took that chance, there would be nothing created, nothing invented, nothing discovered.”

Download the single here and stream it on Spotify below!

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