Spotlight on Riah Butler

Today I’m delighted to feature Riah Butler for the first time! Riah is an artist I first came across just a couple of weeks ago and 2019 looks like being a big year for the Irish singer with new music very much on the way! We caught up with Riah over Christmas and asked her all about her career so far, her music and her perfect duet!

Hi Riah! Can I start by asking how you got into country music in the first place, and which artists have influenced you?

I grew up listening to a bit of everything to be honest from the Eagles and Neil Young to Britney and the Spice Girls. But the first concert my parents ever brought me to was Garth Brooks and from that moment on I was hooked on country music. It was the most amazing show I’d seen and I sang every word. So Garth is definitely a huge influence and the Dixie Chicks are amazing. Once I really started singing though artists like Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood really helped me discover my range and vocal style.

For anyone who hasn’t listened to you before, how would you describe your sound?

For anyone who hasn’t listened to me before I think if your a fan of Miranda, Shania or Carrie you would enjoy my music it’s quite vocally powerful but some songs are fun with a little bit of sass.

Riah Butler’s 2016 EP ‘On Sundays’


You released your fantastic ‘On Sundays’ EP a couple of years ago, which is a great introduction to your music. We hear you have an exciting project lined up for 2019? Can you give us any clues?

Yes I released my first EP a couple years ago and the response was great. So this year I plan to record some of the original material I have been working on and get that out there for people to hear! I lived in Nashville for the last few years and have really been working on finding my sound and songs that I love! So I’m excited for what’s to come and hopefully people like it!

If you had to choose the perfect gig, where would it be and who would join you on stage for a duet?

Well living in Nashville I fell in love with the Ryman every show I have been lucky enough to see there was incredible. It really is a special place and to perform there some day would be a dream. It’s impossible to pick one haha there are so many people I would love to perform with! But I’d say the Dixie Chicks I’ve seen them a few times live and it’s amazing I would love to be a small part of that magic they have!

To finish, tell our readers where they can find you on social media?

Yes of course you can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @riah_butler 

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