LIVE REVIEW: Ward Thomas @ Glee Club Cardiff for Nation Radio

Tonight (January 15th) homegrown Country Music superstars Ward Thomas brought their stunning harmonies to the city of Cardiff for a special intimate concert.

The up close and personal gig was hosted by Nation Radio Wales in partnership with Nathaniel Cars where tickets were awarded to competition winners and the capacity crowd packed into the comedy club venue situated in the picturesque Cardiff Bay for an evening of spectacular live music from Catherine and Lizzy.

The twin sisters arrived on stage at around 8pm to huge cheers and kicked off their eight song set with the social media focused track ‘Lie Like Me’. This was a wonderful opening as it gave the Welsh crowd a taste of the new album ‘Restless Minds‘ (Out February 8th) and also showcased their stunning vocals.

Up next was the up tempo ‘Never Know’ which is another new one off the forthcoming LP and this got the crowd singing along.

Then it was time for an old favourite in the form of ‘Guilty Flowers’. This is always a huge crowd pleaser and tonight was no different. Although the audience did cheer before Ward Thomas had finished singing much to the girls’ amusement, with Lizzy saying that the missing hand claps would be included when they perform the track during the Restless Minds tour.

During this segmant, the sisters also asked fans for set list recommendations. I took this time to request ‘Wasted Words’. The request was well received with Catherine saying that they haven’t sung that one for a long time.

It was then time for the stunning ‘ No Fooling Me’. This is a sensational ballad and highlights the many styles we can expect on the new album.

Then it was time for another sing-a-long in the form of ‘I Believe In You’. This has been a massive fan favourite since it was premiered during their last tour and it was incredibly well received again tonight.

The sixth song of the evening was the classic ‘Carry You Home’. Lizzy kicked it off with asking the Cardiff crowd to sing-a-long and many audience members joined in with the rousing chorus.

The penultime track of the night was ‘One More Goodbye’ which Ward Thomas admitted was one of their favourites off ‘Restless Minds’. It has gorgeous verses and the chorus is stunning and showcases their wonderful songwriting abilities.

The evening came to a close with the brand new single ‘No Filter’  Catherine stated that they had never invested so much in a music video as they did with the empowering clip for this song. This was a powerful moment and this track really sticks with you thanks to its poignant lyrics and as the twins said tonight, “we’re all better without filters”.

Overall this up close and personal gig with Ward Thomas was a sublime showcase of their ‘Restless Minds’ album and it really shone a light on their effortless vocal prowess and easy on stage charm.

Tickets for the Restless Minds Tour 2019 are on sale now!

Laura Klonowski

Qualified music journalist! Writing single/album/live reviews, feature articles, interviews, and news pieces. Portfolio: Twitter: @cherylssoldier1 Instagram: @musicandtournews Email: [email protected]

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