Spotlight on ‘The Northern Belle’

The Northern Belle are a country band based in Oslo, Norway (the vocalist, Stine Andreassen, is from Tromsø). They’re not a new band, but they might be new to those of you who aren’t from Norway. I discovered them at Interstate 19, Oslo Americana Weekend. I actually had listened to their music ahead of their concert, but did not expect to be blown away like I did when I attended their concert. I was sitting by a table where I couldn’t see, but I could still feel the energy of the band performing and hear the fantastic music. This is a band who are going places! They’ve been compared to Kacey Musgraves, Alison Krauss and First Aid Kit, so if you like those artists you might love The Northern Belle. Be one of the first to discover them by checking out the chosen songs (below). They’re super talented musicians, singers and stage personalities and this was definitely not the last time I’m seeing them perform.

Article written by Astrid (

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