EXCLUSIVE: The Adelaides Talk Touring with Charles Esten and New Music

The Adelaides are an exciting British Country/Pop Music trio from the Midlands consisting of best friends Paris Georgia, Alicia Alba and Abi Phillips. Despite having yet officially released any original music the girls are one of the most exciting homegrown acts on the scene right now.

The will once again be performing at C2C this March and kicked off 2019 in style by joining Country superstar Charles “Chip” Esten on his sold-out UK tour.

Here we chat exclusively to The Adelaides to discuss touring with Charles and when fans can expect music from them:

How did you find out you would be supporting Charles Esten on tour?

We found out through our management. They casually sent us an email to let us know and well, we couldn’t believe it!!!!

What was the experience like? 

Absolutely incredible! The audiences are amazing. They really appreciate our music and love listening to our lyrics which makes it such a joy for us to perform for them. They say county music audiences are the best and it’s absolutely true!

During the show you performed with Charles, what was it like getting to share the stage with him?

Well we are such big fans of Charles and the show Nashville so we knew all of the songs so well. Getting to actually perform them with Charles was such an honour for us. Charles likes to improvise quite a lot so sometimes he puts us on the spot to try new things mid performance which was scary at first but then we got used to it, prepared ourselves for it and ended up loving it because you learn so much from experiences like that. Charles and the audience made us feel so comfortable and welcome every night, we felt so lucky. Oh and Charles and his lovely wife Patty are the nicest people you could ever meet!! 

You’ve been receiving wonderful praise for your performances, how excited have you been by the response of the audiences?

So excited!! We really didn’t expect this response at all. We didn’t really know what we were expecting to be honest! It’s such a great feeling for us knowing that people love our music and want to hear more. That’s all we can ask for really!

Now that you’re gaining real traction in the UK scene, can we expect music from you soon?

You can indeed… we’re still working on it at the moment but it’s definitely on its way!

Any music you release this year will be your debut offerings, what’s been the deciding factor behind your decision to hold off on sharing original music?

We are absolute perfectionists and have been working so hard on figuring out The Adelaides’ sound. We didn’t just want to release anything, we want it to be perfect and for it to show people what we’re all about. Our first release is a huge deal to us so we want to make sure we’re 100% happy and that its obviously worth the long wait!

Tracks such as ‘Jelly Baby’ and ‘Jack Daniels’, have been hugely well received during the tour, can fans expect one of these to be your debut single?

We’ve been discussing what song to put out for some time now and it’s a big decision for us. We think it might be one we wrote and recorded in Nashville back in September! You’ll have to wait and see!

The UK Country scene is growing day on day, where do you see yourselves fitting in?

It is definitely is growing which is fantastic. Being a country/pop trio, we like to appeal to more than one type of crowd. Country is our first love so obviously we want country fans in the UK to love our music, but we also have a lot of pop elements and we are very commercial so we’d like to appeal to the pop crowd too. For us, the key is staying true to ourselves through our music, we write relatable songs from personal experiences which can appeal to everybody. We are definitely representing girl power in the UK country scene for sure!

How would you describe your music to new listeners?

We are Country/Pop and more on the commercial side. Our music is very heartfelt, real and relatable. Our writing style is quite varied…we can go from an honest ballad like ‘No Survivors’ to an upbeat sassy track like ‘Bad Influence’. We definitely think people can relate to at least one of our songs, if not all of them!

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, what are your plans for 2019?

Well after starting the year on an amazing tour, we can’t wait to see what’s next for us! We already have lots of festivals booked for the summer, more shows throughout the year and we’re even going to Australia in October! For show announcements, you can keep up to date on our social media and website. Bring on 2019.

Feature photo credit: Tina Korhonen

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